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in an attempt to be socially aware and satisfy my vegan boyfriend's veggie cravings, i bought into landisdale farm's co-op. the co-op started this week and runs through october.the fruits and veggies each week are a surprise, which terrifies me, but thrills my boyfriend. i like the idea of eating fresh produce that's actually in season, but if i get a week of squash and kale, i might as well give it to the food bank.

there is one teeny problem. my super awesome culinary boyfriend will be attending a grad school summer program at cornell until the first week of august. this means i am left to fend for myself with a whole lot of leafy things.

i should mention that when he is not around to cook me things, i tend to live on string cheese, yogurt, cereal, and bar food.

so, this is the first week. and dear lord, did i get a ton of produce. how am i possibly going to use this all before i travel again for work on tuesday?

the first thing i made was a 4 points strawberry & rhubarb cobbler. i didn't have any fat free sour cream, so i subbed it with fat free greek yogurt that i paid entirely too much money for at the corner market. i didn't understand why they suggested using frozen fruit either, because i thought the fresh would be much better. anyway, i've decided i'm not a fan of rhubarb, but i am a fan of eating cobbler for dinner. the biscuits had a great consistency (i used a food processor as recommended), and i only wish i didn't eat so many of the strawberries before baking.

feeling extra motivated, i decided to use up my archer farms simply balanced butternut squash fusilli. there are two servings in a box, which is perfect if you're cooking for a small group. i've had target's pastas before, and know they can be really unsatisfying if you don't beef them up. so i pulled out a bag of frozen diced butternut squash, threw some onion & garlic in the food processor, and sauteed all 3 ingredients with some spinach. as recommended on the box, i added some italian seasoning to the veggies. the pasta alone is 6 points, and probably not worth it. however, the veggies really give the sauce flavor, and even though the butternut squash bumps it up to 8 points, it's worth it.

tonight is game 4 of the stanley cup play offs (go flyers!). i will try to be good and get the hummus & roasted corn salad, to make up for the beer i'll be having. tomorrow i will be trying two new recipe - a ww modified version of my boyfriend's zucchini bread, and spicy sugar snap peas. enjoy your friday everyone!
 my 8 year old stepnephew has brain cancer.  advanced.  what the fuck is that shit?!

Life In Technicolor
Violet Hill
In My Place
Viva La Vida
Fix You
Strawberry Swing
Chinese Sleep Chant (side stage)
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (side stage/techno version)
Speed Of Sound
The Scientist (Acoustic)
Death Will Never Conquer (Will - Acoustic)


Lovers In Japan
Death And All His Friends
The Escapist

Encore 2:

Green Eyes
The Dubliners (*new)
"The impertinent question is the glory and engine of human inquiry. Copernicus asked it and shook the foundations of Renaissance Europe. Darwin asked it and redefined humankind's very sense of itself. Thomas Jefferson asked it and was so invigorated by the asking that he declared it one of our inalienable rights.

Two hundred years years later, Martin Luther King asked it, and forced the country to honor those rights. Daniel Defoe asked the impertinent question and invented the novel. James Joyce asked it and reinvented the novel, which was promptly banned. Jean-Paul Sartre asked it and inspired Simone de Beauvoir, who asked it and inspired a whole generation of women to question what they were doing with men like Jean-Paul Sartre. The Wright brothers asked it and were ignored for five years. Bill Gates asked it and was ignored for five minutes, which was long enough for him to dominate the industry.

Whether reviled or revered in their lifetimes, history's movers framed their questions in ways that were entirely disrespectful of conventional wisdom. Civilization has always advanced in the shimmering wake of its discontents."

Wriiten by Gary Trudeau
Retold Every Year to Honors Program Freshmen by John Grady